Apex Legends celebrating the Holo-Days

Apex Legends has launched its Holo-Day Bash 2020 event which will run through January 4th.

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From EA:

Apex Legends is getting into the holiday spirit with its jolly limited-time Holo-Day Bash event running through January 4. This year’s celebration marks the return of the Winter Express limited-time mode and the introduction of new winter-themed cosmetics. Players are also invited to compete in an all-new rewards track or take advantage of this month’s sales, including all-new Loba, Revenant and Spitfire Legendary Skins.

Look over the full list below (and check it twice) before jumping into the arena:

• The Return of Limited Time Mode: Winter Express - The train is back in World’s Edge for Winter Express, and this time, it’s not the only vehicle descending into the valley; new supply ships from Kings Canyon are also flying around the frozen explosion below. Additionally, Derailment, a new train station, brings more variety with flanking opportunities due to its unique rotation. All these changes significantly reduce the long respawn times between rounds that players experienced last year.

• All New Prize Track - This year’s Holo-Day Bash contains a rewards track with all-new unlockables -- available now through January 4. Players can earn rewards like Horizon’s Epic Absolute Zero skin by simply playing the game.

• A Month of Sales - Each week (until January 4) the direct purchase shop will boast a new set of sales, including all-new Loba, Revenant and Spitfire Legendary Skins. In addition to the returning limited-time frigid holiday skins, players can purchase new skins making their debut in this event like Loba’s Crystalline Perfection.

Additional information on Holo-Day Bash 2020 can be found at the Apex Legends blog post here.

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