The Chase is on in The Crew 2

The Crew 2 Season One Episode One: The Chase is now live.

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From Ubisoft:

The Crew 2’s third year of live support introduces a new seasonal system, centered around a fictional new company, Motorflix, a television production company known for creating the very best motor-fueled action flicks. Players will be recruited to play the starring role in different TV series with themed episodes per Season. Every Season lasts four months and is comprised of two successive Episodes running for two months.

During the first episode, The Chase, a mysterious outlaw group has stolen from a private bank, Vault Corp, and it’s up to the player to stop the outlaws from escaping the city. Players will play as an elite Interception Unit driver of Vault Corp and will have to stop the outlaws by destroying their cars to complete each of the eight PvE events, which will progressively unlock starting November 25. If players need back up, they can call in reinforcements and play together in a crew, which will increase the difficulty proportionally to the number of players in the crew.

Motorflix arrival also brings new ways to unlock content through a brand-new feature, the Motorpass. The Motorpass is a new, optional multi-tiered reward system, that players can progress through by completing Daily and Seasonal Challenges. Every Episode comes with its own Motorpass, made of 50 tiers offering both free and premium rewards, including exclusive vehicles. To unlock premium rewards, players need to purchase the premium Motorpass for 80,000 Crew Credits.

Across its two episodes, The Crew 2 Season 1 will continue vehicle drops, such as the Chevrolet C8 Stingray 2020 or the Lamborghini Veneno Interception Unit 2013. In total, 28 new vehicles are available for all players to earn or purchase this season. In Episode One: The Chase, four new Special-themed Events will be available for all players to unlock exclusive rewards as well as a new game mode in which players must take down enemy vehicles, in solo or co-op mode.

To expand its vehicle line-up, The Crew 2 is also welcoming a special new brand of vehicles named “Creators,” with the goal to add a new vehicle each Season, all created by freelance 3D artists & designers. The first artist to create an exclusive vehicle for The Crew 2 is Khyzyl Saleem, a talented British 3D artist who created the The Chase’s outlaw boss vehicle: the K.S. Masked Leader 2020.

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