Things are getting spooky in Minecraft Dungeons

Mojang Studios
The Spooky Fall Event launched today in Minecraft Dungeons.

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From Mojang Studios:
Spooky Fall Event

Join in on the time-limited Seasonal Trials now, if you dare. Those who complete the scarily difficult challenges will reap the rewards – such as a set of themed items! Make sure you join in the frightful festivities before the time is up, or else you'll miss your chance to scoop up these spooky treats. These Seasonal Trials not only summon up the spookiest mobs but they also totally leave us in the dark! Literally. With Night Mode, a new challenge you'll face in the Seasonal Trials, you'll have to brave the harshest conditions yet. I would tell you more, but I'm already terrified to the verge of tears.

Speaking of things that scare me, Apocalypse Plus is also live today! Some people out there are pretty brave and want even more of a challenge, so the Minecraft Dungeons team delivered. Apocalypse Plus is a new feature that brings the most extreme difficulty mode yet as well as twenty increasingly challenging levels. This new mode brings a whole new dimension of difficulty to the game for those who want it, but it is also totally optional. This free update is here to stay, so there is no rush for those of you who still need to train a bit before facing Apocalypse Plus.

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