Doodle God: Evolution drawn onto PlayStation

The puzzle game Doodle God: Evolution launched on PlayStation 4.

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From JoyBits:

Doodle God: Evolution sees players start out by combining the four elements (air, water, fire & earth) as they set about building their very own civilization. With over 500 unlockable items, players can progress through world-building with some gusto in the preliminary stages. But they will need to have all their creative wits about them to ultimately complete the puzzle — and their world. Not to mention supporting life itself. No pressure then.

 · Planet mode allows players to see their planet come alive as they play.
 · Mission mode offers new, exciting and challenging puzzles.
 · Puzzle mode tasks players with finding that all-important final object.

Doodle God: Evolution is brimming with demanding quests to complete and hundreds of interesting facts and funny, thought-provoking quotes to discover.

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