For Honor to support next-gen consoles

An update to For Honor will make the game playable on PS54 and Xbox Series X|S on the consoles' launch dates, and a PC tournament will begin on October 24th.

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From Ubisoft:
For Honor Next Gen

An upcoming For Honor update will make the game playable at each respective console launch, on Xbox Series S in 1080p resolution and on PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X in 4K resolution. For current-gen game owners on PS4 or Xbox One, For Honor will be playable on next-gen consoles for free through next-gen backward compatibility. Current-gen game owners’ player profiles, including all purchases and inventory, are automatically shared with their next-gen counterparts. Additionally, 60 FPS gameplay will be available for all next-gen consoles in early December for the start of For Honor’s upcoming season.

Ubisoft also announced a new PC-only tournament, Dominion Series, beginning on October 24 in North America and Europe with Open Pools, Qualifiers, Last Chance Qualifiers and Finals for each region. The overall seasonal prize pool amount is $35,000, with $5,000 distributed at Qualifiers and $30,000 distributed at Finals.

Starting today, players can register for each of the four Open Pools. Registered teams will compete in the online Open Pools to earn a spot in the Qualifier.

The Open Pools will run on the following dates, and players can register now on
• Open Pool 1: October 24
• Open Pool 2: November 7
• Open Pool 3: November 14
• Open Pool 4: November 21

The Dominion Series will kick-off with the four top-ranking teams from the Open Pools progressing onto a Qualifier taking place on December 5. The first- and second-ranking teams in each region’s Qualifier will qualify for the Finals on January 23.

A Last Chance Qualifier will take place on January 9, 2021 with the third- and fourth-ranking teams from the Qualifier and the first- and second-ranking teams from the Last Chance Qualifier Pool. The first- and second-ranking teams from the Last Chance Qualifier in each region will make it to the Finals.

The Dominion Series Finals will be broadcasted live on January 23, 2021, with four teams from North America and four teams from Europe battling to be crowned the one winning champion team from each region.

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