Rocket Arena season two ready for launch

Season 2 of Rocket Arena launches tomorrow, October 7th, and will include a new hero and limited-time events, challenges, and rewards.

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From EA:
Rocket Arena Season 2

New features coming in Season 2 include:

• A New Playable Character: o Leef, an elfin critter rumored to be from
Crater’s fabled Realm of the Ancients, conquers the competition with the use of magic and his tiny wingman Flitt

• Play vs AI Playlist:
o New bot types Jayto, Blastbeard, Amphora and Izell join in as AI
o Added PvE mode, Bot Knockout, where Competitor bots can participate as either teammates or opponents and Bot Heroes join in if matchmaking is unavailable

• Extended Character Progression
o The max character level has been raised to 125, and each character will redeem an emerald gemstone outfit once this milestone has been reached

• Daily and Weekly Challenges
o Increased to three daily and three weekly challenges

• Gameplay Changes
o The Dodge ability has been enhanced, allowing for omnidirectional movement
o Balance changes to Flux, Jayto and Mysteen
o Coins give a speed boost in Treasure Hunt

• Season 2 Blast Pass
o All players will receive Forest Flow Leaf and will immediately unlock Dr. Beardson, Getaway Driver Rev and the Missing! Flyers Megablast VFX Trail upon purchase

Rocket Arena (Standard Edition) on Origin/PC will also be available for free for all Amazon Prime members on Prime Gaming through October 10. Members can claim the game for free by visiting to get a download code.

You can find more information on all that Season 2 has to offer in the blog post here.

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