Destiny 2 will soon celebrate the Festival of the Lost

The Festival of the Lost will run from October 6th through November 3rd.

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From Bungie:
Festival of the Lost

Festival of the Lost returns for another year in Destiny 2, with Eva Levante waiting in the Tower for Guardians to indulge their sweet tooth, don masks, and celebrate the memories of those they have lost. The Haunted Forest is open once more from October 6th (10:00 am PST) to November 3rd, but this time The Spider beckons Guardians to bargain with him.

Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2 will run from 6 October to 3 November. Guardians will be able to pick up Cipher Decoders for extra loot at the end of The Haunted Forest. Other treats that will be available are a new Exotic Sparrow, Ship, and Ghost.

Guardians will be able to pick up a Masquerader helmet from Eva and apply mask ornaments as they pick them up. This year's Festival of the Lost will also see new Triumphs, a new emblem, new masks, and more chances to grab the Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story Auto Rifles with new perk possibilities.

Guardians can also work toward unlocking the Restless Ghost Shell collectible pin and watch their progress by logging into their Bungie Rewards account.

A new line of universal armor ornaments will be available in Eververse for Guardians to spookify their armor, along with Ghost Shells, a new Ghastly Durance emote, and a new One-inch Punch Finisher.

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