Apex Legends launching cross-play beta

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends will be adding cross-play on October 6th, and will kick-off the Aftermarket Collection Event on the same day.

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From Respawn Entertainment:
Aftermarket Collection Event

EA and Respawn Entertainment are excited to announce that Apex Legends’ long-time fan requested cross-play feature goes into beta next week. On October 6, PlayStation, Xbox and Origin players will have the option to join cross-play or continue on platform-exclusive servers to hunt their favorite Legends, collect loot in Kings Canyon and dominate the arena with friends.

To celebrate the addition of cross-play, Apex Legends’ upcoming in-game event - The Aftermarket Collection Event will kick off on the same day, October 6 and run through October 20. The Aftermarket Collection Event will be stocked with an all-new Flashpoint LTM where players’ health will regenerate within massive Flash Point Zones, changing how they navigate the map to stay alive. The event will also boast the debut of Caustic’s heirloom and more event-limited items.

For more details on cross-play and The Aftermarket Collection Event, check out the latest Respawn blog here.

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