Mako the Shark surfs into Brawlhalla

The Greatsword-wielding shark Mako joins Brawhalla today as its 51st fighter.

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From Ubisoft:
Mako the Shark

In the Great War of Atlantis, gods battled for control of the fabled city. When Zeus struck down Poseidon with a lightning bolt, Poseidon’s young daughter Mako led an enraged attack on Atlantis so terrible that the city’s sorcerers chose to sink it beneath the waves to escape her wrath, robbing Zeus of his prize. Mako became the queen of the now undersea city, and her terrifying presence won many battles on fear alone. She was less interested in governing than fighting, and in Valhalla, Mako is a ferocious competitor and a great 2v2 partner.

Mako is available for 7200 Gold and dives into battle with three Skins:
• Hammerhead Mako, available for 140 Mammoth Coins
• Abyssal Goblin Mako, available for 140 Mammoth Coins
• 0RC4-M4k0, available for 200 Mammoth Coins Mako utilizes the Greatsword and Katars to annihilate enemies, with the following signature attacks for each weapon:

Greatsword Signature Attacks
• Neutral Signature – Mako swims in a circle for a second, then leaps out of the water diagonally to chomp and spike the opponent down.
• Side Signature – Mako rides a wave on her Greatsword, using it as a surfboard, then on-hit jumps and slices her enemies.
• Down Signature – Mako jams her Greatsword into the ground, erupting waves out to either side to knock enemies away. Katars Signature Attacks
• Neutral Signature – Mako swims, jumps straight up to get a big bite out of the enemy, and then spikes them down.
• Side Signature – Mako swims forward, then leaps out of the water and slices with her Katars.
• Down Signature – Mako spins up a little hurricane and can travel forward or backward to knock her enemies away in all directions.

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