Byzantium and Gaul join Civilization VI

2K Games
The Byzantium & Gaul Pack for Civilization VI launched today on all platforms.

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From 2K Games:
Byzantium & Gaul Pack

New Leader: Basil II of Byzantium

• Includes unique Dromon Ship and Tagma units, unique Hippodrome district, Taxis civilization ability and Porphyrogénnetos leader ability

New Leader: Ambiorix of Gaul

• Includes unique Gaesatae unit, unique Oppidum district, Hallstatt Culture civilization ability and King of the Eburones leader ability New Optional Game Mode: Dramatic Ages (requires Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm expansions to play)

• Civilizations always enter Golden or Dark Ages every era that feature more potent bonuses and penalties.

• Instead of Dedications, players will gain access to powerful new Social Policies like Golden Policies and updated Dark Policies that offer more flexibility and power.

• Dark Ages in particular are more dangerous than ever, as players in Dark Ages will have a portion of their empire immediately fall into Free Cities, and Free Cities can exert pressure on other cities.

New World Wonders: Biosphere, Statue of Zeus

New Map Script: Highlands

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