Maid of Sker now haunting PS4 and Xbox One

Perp Games
The survival game Maid of Sker launched on PS4 and Xbox One today.

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From Perp Games:
Maid of Sker

Inspired by the haunting true story of Elizabeth Williams, players take on the role of Thomas Evans, a musician thrust into a terrifying battle to save the woman he loves. Set in 1898, players are armed only with a defensive sound device and charged with keeping eyes open and staying alert as they solve the supernatural mystery that hangs over the Sker Hotel.

Maid of Sker players will encounter:

• A 3D Sound-Based AI System – This is the core survival gameplay mechanic. In order to make it past enemies with super hearing, players must master hiding, running, creeping, trapping and distracting techniques.

• Increased Difficulty – As players progress, enemies become more difficult to avoid, to the point where standing still and holding your breath is the only option. However, run out of breath and – suffer.

• Realistic 4K Visuals – Making the action even more chilling, the realistic visuals feature 4K uncapped on PC and enhancements on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

• A Multiple-Thread Narrative – Players’ decisions are especially meaningful, unlocking different story paths and multiple endings.

• A Terrifying Experience – Taking inspiration from R.D. Blackmore’s 19th century novel, “The Maid of Sker,” and the original Welsh ballad, “Y Ferch o’r Sger,” the story is told in a truly sinister way, reigniting one of the most haunting tales in Wales.

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