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Grinding Gear Games
The Heist expansion for Path of Exile launched today on PC and will come to PS4 and Xbox One on September 23rd.

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From Grinding Gear Games:

In Heist, players will hire a crew of specialized thieves to assist them with infiltrating secure facilities to retrieve valuable Artifacts. While bypassing security, they must be careful not to trigger the alarm or they'll be overrun with guards. Retrieving the artifact will automatically trigger the alarm and players will have to make a mad dash to the extraction point. If they can't escape, they'll lose everything they stole.

Path of Exile: Heist Key Features Include
 · Download and play for free but never pay-to-win.
 · The Heist Challenge League
 · 13 new active NPCs which have rich backstories, advanceable skills, and can be equipped with new craftable items.
 · A new town-like area, The Rogue Harbour.
 · Itemized world-areas that contain Heists and can be accessed from the outset of your character progress.
 · New Item Types: Alternate Quality Gems, Replica Unique Items, Thief's Trinkets, Experimented Base Types, Body Armour and Weapon Enchants.
 · Seven new skills alongside reworks to existing Curses, Spells and Steel Skills.
 · Over 25 New Unique Items.
 · A new equipment slot for Trinkets.
 · Now available on macOS.

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