Hiei from YuYu Hakusho joining Jump Force

Bandai Namco
YuYu Hakusho's Hiei is coming to Jump Force as a part of Character Pass 2.

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From Bandai Namco:

YuYu Hakusho’s Hiei, the Upper S-Class demon and ally of Urameshi Yusuke, will be focusing the gaze of his Jagan upon the Jump Force roster as part of Character Pass 2. The master of the immensely powerful Dragon of the Darkness Flame technique, Hiei casts a fearsome shadow over the battlefield that far exceeds his physical stature. Hiei will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC users this fall, and Nintendo Switch players in 2021.

In addition to Hiei, JUMP FORCE Character Pass 2 also features the currently available Shoto Todoroki, the previously announced Meruem, and two yet-to-be announced characters from Bleach and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Players who purchase Character Pass 2 for $17.99 will immediately obtain Todoroki, as well as gain early access to Hiei, Meruem and the two subsequent DLC characters upon their individual releases; characters may also be purchased separately for $3.99 each.

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