Star Trek Online visits the Lower Decks

Perfect World Entertainment
The crew members from Star Trek: Lower Decks are joining Star Trek Online.

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From Perfect World Entertainment:
Star Trek: Lower Decks

Star Trek Online is celebrating the premiere of the animated comedy series, “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” on CBS All Access by giving players access to crew members straight from the show. Four of the main characters of the show are now special duty officers, and are available for free.

On top of the new free characters, Star Trek Online will host a limited-time summer event, now through September 3 that features a variety of new content, including:

• A Risian Weather Control Vessel to be bought or earned

• New items in the Summer Event Store, including:
  · Baseball-themed items
  · New Rainbow Tribble and Caracal Pets
  · Sex Phasers and Sons of None rock T-shirts
  · Kit Modules
  · A Summer themed Kit Frame
  · Much more!

For full complete details on what’s coming up for Star Trek Online, take a look at the related blog post here.

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