Genki Covert Dock for Switch ships

Human Things
The Genki Covert Dock portable charger and dock for the Nintendo Switch is now available.

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From Human Things:
Genki Covert Dock

This pocket-sized plug has all of the form and function of the Switch’s dock, as well as the ability to charge and display other USB-C devices on any screen, making any TV your playground. It’s one plug that charges, connects and streams.

Key Features:

• 90% smaller than the native Switch Dock and 22% smaller than native Switch charger

• First-ever charger with built-in HDMI display, allowing the Switch to output 1080p to TV

• A safe third-party Nintendo Switch dock that controls both the power flow and docking data in one device (Human Things' engineer wrote an article on how Switches get damaged by previous third-party docks on Reddit, that was featured on Ars Technica)

• Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology replaces silicon providing higher efficiency, cooler operation, and a smaller carbon footprint

• Charging is compliant with Nintendo Switch standards and Power Delivery (PD) 3.0

• 30 watts so it’s able to fast-charge the Switch, smartphones, tablets and even many USB-C powered laptops

• Doesn’t require any additional software installation, device drivers or hardware adapters

• Foldable prongs eliminate snags when you pack it on the go

• Global adapters that easily slide on and off for use in over 180 countries

The Genki Covert Dock retails for $74.99 USD and can be purchased at Amazon.

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