Ethiopia arrives in Civilization VI

2K Games
Ethiopia, the second DLC pack in the Civilization VI – New Frontier Pass,is now available.

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From 2K Games:

The second DLC pack in the Civilization VI – New Frontier Pass, the Ethiopia Pack, is now available.

New Leader: Menelik II of Ethiopia
• Includes unique Oromo Calvary unit, Rock-Hewn Church improvement and Aksumite Legacy ability

New Optional Game Mode: Secret Societies (requires Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm expansions to play)

• Adds four powerful and mysterious Secret Societies to the world. To make contact, seek out a Society where its influence might hide: Barbarian Camps, Tribal Villages, Natural Wonders, or City-States. Discovery is not guaranteed, but you are more likely to find a Society that other players have not discovered, or on continents where no Society has yet been discovered. Alternatively, invest in diplomatic visibility to learn about them from other leaders.

• Discovering a Society unlocks a unique Governor with powerful bonuses, which players do not need to assign to a city. Once you become a member of a Society, you commit to membership for the rest of the game.

• Alliances with players who are members of the same Society generate Alliance Points more quickly, and those players will have an improved opinion of you in diplomacy. Players who are members of a different Society, however, will dislike you once they are aware of your affiliation.

New District: Diplomatic Quarters

New Buildings: Consulate, Chancery

Teddy Roosevelt and Catherine De Medici Persona Packs: Available only for owners of the Civilization VI – New Frontier Pass. Each Persona Pack contains a brand-new take on a favorite leader, with a new leader model and background, new gameplay bonuses and an updated agenda that reflects the changes to the leader’s personality. “Rough Rider Teddy” excels at keeping the peace on his home continent, while “Magnificence Catherine” can use Luxuries to overwhelm the world with Culture and Tourism.

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