Fallout 76 joins Xbox Game Pass

Fallout 76 was added to the Xbox Game Pass library today.

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From Xbox:
Fallout 76

Starting now, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass member, you can play all of Fallout 76, including the new Wastelanders expansion that added NPCs and a brand-new main questline to the game. Explore Appalachia with your friends and uncover the secrets hidden in the mountains. Side with either the Settlers or the Raiders and make a name for yourself in the wide-open world.

Experience New Wastelanders

The Wastelanders expansion takes Fallout 76 back to Fallout’s roots with a deep dialogue system and unique NPCs, as well as a new main questline that pits two factions against each other, with you in the middle picking sides. As people return to Appalachia, a war brews between Settlers and Raiders, both of whom want control of the land for different reasons. The Settlers hope to rebuild and make a new, safer life for themselves, while the Raiders see Appalachia as their rightful territory and want to remove those would infringe on it.

Of course, how can you have a faction war without having a reputation system that tells you how you’re doing with both groups? The reputation system will help you go from stranger to ally or enemy, and you’ll even pick up some rewards along the way. Based on the choices you make and the actions you take, you can move through seven different reputation ranks, including Hostile, Neutral, Friendly, and more. You will eventually need to side with one faction over the other, but you have plenty of time to make your decision and explore both of their storylines before you do so.

Both factions have set up their own bases of operation – the Raiders’ Crater and the Settlers’ Foundation – and at these hubs you’ll find new quests, vendors, and plenty of people to interact with. But these aren’t the only places you’ll encounter other people. NPCs can be found all over Appalachia, in other, smaller settlements and even just wandering the wilds. As you venture through Appalachia and invest yourself in the Wastelanders story, you’ll even meet people who will become your Allies. Allies are special human NPCs that will join you at your C.A.M.P., defending it and offering you side quests and activities to participate in. Each Ally has a unique personality that can explore by speaking with them, as well as by completing the daily quests they offer.

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