Rocket Arena roadmap revealed

Details on Rocket Arena Season 1 were revealed today.

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From EA:
Rocket Arena roadmap

On July 28, just two weeks post-launch, the live service will kick off adding new maps, modes, a variety of in-game events and a new hero to the game available for free for all players.

In Season 1, the story follows the events and heroes of the Rocket Championship Tour, where players discover each hero's personal motivations for winning the Tour Trophy, and how that drive reflects on their personality, backstory, and passions. The season will also bring a new hero – Flux, the first major in-game event, new maps, and daily and weekly challenges. Over 10 new playlists will be introduced, representing Rocket Arena’s Social, PVE, and Ranked Modes.

Rocket Arena’s live service is at the core of the game’s design and will allow players to dive deeper into the overarching story, written by TaleSpin Writer/Co-Creator Len Uhley with the direction of Sly Cooper Co-Creator Dev Madan (now the Lead Art Director at Final Strike Games). Every season will run for approximately 3 months and will include a new playable character, limited-time events, game mode and playlist rotations, a new Blast Pass, a new ranked season and much more! For full details on what to expect in Season 1 and beyond, visit the blog post here.

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