The Forge hammers Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile today launched Season 8: The Forge.

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From Activision:
Season 8: The Forge

An exciting new update for Call of Duty: Mobile was just released, and with the flood of new content, a new season begins – Season 8: The Forge. The new season includes the return of the fan-favorite map Highrise from Modern Warfare 2, a new Juggernaut mode, a new Battle Pass, seasonal events and much more.

The update to Call of Duty: Mobile, along with The Forge Battle Pass, is now live on both Android and iOS. Below are some of the key updates:
• New MP Map – Highrise
• New Battle Royale zone – Safehouse
• Season 8: The Forge Battle Pass – New characters, weapons, items and more
• New Mode - Juggernaut – 5vs1
• Events – Days of Summer, Solstice Awakened
• New Operator Skill – Katana
• New Seasonal Challenges
• New merchandise now available in the store
• Various UI updates, weapon balance, and gameplay optimizations

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