Jaeyun slashes his way into Brawlhalla

Jaeyun is now available as the 50th playable legend in Brawlhalla.

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From Ubisoft:

Jaeyun, a dashing sellsword and the 50th legend in Brawlhalla, is contracted to fight in the halls of Brawlhalla with Sword and a brand-new weapon usable by future Legends: the Greatsword.

The legendary mercenary Jaeyun traveled the seas of the Old Kingdom on the back of his dragon turtle companion Imugi. As a soldier of fortune he won treasure beyond counting – at least, he never counted it himself, before he gambled it away. He earned ten thousand rubies and a huge magic sword on a job protecting the king from the shadow ninja Jiro, and managed to hang on to the sword. His most famous task was his epic five-year quest to help Imugi become a true dragon; his least famous job was the time he lost an eye getting a cat out of a tree.

Jaeyun is available for 7200 Gold and slips into battle with three skins: Death Jester, Hanbok, and Gilded Glory Jaeyun. Jaeyun has signature attacks that utilize his skill as a cunning swordsman, flourishing and misleading with his greatsword and sword.

New Weapon: Greatsword Signature Attacks

• Neutral Signature – Jaeyun slices his greatsword in an arc, upheaving pieces of earth as it glides through the air.

• Side Signature – The grounded version of this move has Jaeyun slam his greatsword into the earth, slicing through large rocks and enemies on hit. In the air, Jaeyun launches a vertical swing that sends enemies diagonally down off-stage.

• Down Signature – On the ground, Jaeyun sweeps the earth with one long slice, sending opponents flying. When performed in the air, this downward slice spikes opponents.

Sword Signature Attacks

• Neutral Signature – Jaeyun flies upward in a spiral of wind, slicing his way to the sky.

• Side Signature – Jaeyun uses his crafty misdirection to kick up dirt at the opponent. If it hits his opponent, he follows through by stabbing behind him and into his opponent.

• Down Signature – With another trick up his sleeve, Jaeyun jumps back to feint his opponent, then follows up with a nasty forward slash.

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