Stellaris: Console Edition faces a humanoid apocalypse

Paradox Interactive
The Apocalypse Expansion and Humanoids Species Pack are now both available for Stellaris: Console Edition.

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From Paradox Interactive:

This release completes the game’s second expansion pass for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which also includes the Synthetic Dawn Story Pack released earlier this year. Expansion Pass Two contains three DLC, previously released for the PC version, that further enrich the empires of ambitious spacefarers with new constructions, cosmetics, weapons, stories, and more.

Expansion Pass Two includes:

• Apocalypse Expansion: Redefine stellar warfare with a host of new offensive and defensive options. Destroy entire worlds with terrifying new planet-killer weapons, fight against (or alongside) ruthless space pirates, and maybe discover a few non-violent game features as well.

• Synthetic Dawn Story Pack: Provides an all-new way for players to establish their empire across the stars, starting the game as a Machine Empire -- a society made up entirely of robots. Unique game features and event chains will allow the machines to expand as a robotic consciousness and create an AI-led network that grows to galactic dominance.

• Humanoids Species Pack: Features a selection of new portraits and ship models for players who wish to forge their path among the stars as the irrepressible human race – or at least as a species that resembles future, spacefaring humans to some degree.

Featuring the same deep strategic gameplay as Paradox’s original Stellaris, with rich and diverse alien races and emergent storytelling, Stellaris: Console Edition puts the complexity of the galaxy at your thumbsticks. Whether you’re exploring the unknown, discovering the mysteries of the universe, or conquering it for the glory of your empire, console players have more inter-galactic strategy awaiting them than ever before. The physical edition of Stellaris: Console Edition is available in stores in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

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