Blankos Block Party bringing the party to PC

Blankos Block Party, the party MMO with collectible virtual vinyl toys, is coming to PC later this year.

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From Mythical:

Blankos Block Party is designed to be the next step in the evolution of games and how we play. With Mythical’s proprietary engine, the things players buy in Blankos are theirs to own. Players can register their accounts now for the chance to be part of the beta, coming later this year:

In this world of mischievous vinyl toys brought to life, players can create and design an infinite number of party games with Mythical’s easy-to-use builder tools. From racing to collection to shooting and more, the immersive and intuitive design system allows anyone to build their own worlds to share and compete with friends. Every Blanko collected along the way can be leveled up to gain skills and unlock customization options, allowing players to further personalize their experience.

Mythical is also partnering with top artists, designers and creators to create exclusive and highly collectible Blankos that players can show off or even sell. In the first fully player-owned economy, Mythical is legitimizing the type of “grey markets” that form in game communities, and trailblazing a way to participate in verifiable, trusted player-to-player marketplaces where consumers dictate value and scarcity.

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