PUBG Update 7.3 details released

The changes coming to PUBG in Update 7.3 were announced today.

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From Bluehole:
PUBG Update 7.3

The return to Vikendi and the wonders of Season 7 are entering their final stage as Update 7.3 introduces a full menu of quality of life improvements and a few enhancements to gameplay that should make a difference in PUBG going forward.

 · Esports Tab: PUBG Esports fans can tune into the first formal PCS event of the year beginning June 25. The online-only event is a major step toward crowning the 2020 global champion. Check the in-game Esports tab and participate in the latest edition of the Pick’Em Challenge.

 · Throwable Update: Players can look forward to a pair of significant changes with C4 utility and vehicle damage making a shift to more realism. The sticky explosive can now be thrown and comes with a dangerous 25 meter damage radius. The battlegrounds is a little less safe now that players will be tossing C4 around.

 · Vehicle Update: Vehicles that are whittled down to zero hit points, as opposed to taking explosive damage from Redzones or the abovementioned C4, will no longer explode immediately. Instead, users will have a few seconds to escape after a four-wheeled vehicle (boats and motorcycles aren’t changing) hits 0 HP, loses engine power, and explodes.

Additional changes coming in Update 7.3 include quality of life upgrades including longer Spike Traps and more DMRs on Vikendi among other enhancements. These updates and more arrive on June 17 for PC players and June 23 for console players. For those that want to experience the changes to the game as soon as possible, the PC Test Server is open June 10!

To view the full patch details, check out the latest patch notes here.

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