It's Harvest time in Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games
The Harvest expansion for Path of Exile will launch on PC on June 19th with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launching the following week.

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From Grinding Gear Games:

Harvest brings an entirely new gameplay element to the world of Wraeclast. Players will assist Oshabi in exploring the mysterious power of her Sacred Grove. Cultivating a wild garden can unlock powerful crafting options that are unmatched by any past expansion.

Players will open seed caches throughout the land. These seeds can be taken to the grove, planted, encouraged to grow and when ready to Harvest, will unearth powerful beasts. When these beasts are slain their Lifeforce can be extracted to enable powerful crafting or used to grow exotic crops.

Path of Exile: Harvest Key Features Include:
• Download and play all content for free, but never pay-to-win.
• The Harvest Challenge League and its powerful crafting system.
• Four new Warcry skills, and a rework of three existing ones.
• Three new Brands, one Brand support gem and revamped existing brands.
• New 'Slam' skill category including a news Slam skill and support gem. Revamps to existing slams.
• Dynamic rebalance to existing gameplay.
• Improvements to over 50 unique items as well as 12 new ones.
• A Passive Skill Tree revamp
• Delirium core game intergration

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