Jump into the hunt for free this weekend

Jump Force, Hunt: Showdown, and Stellaris: Console Edition are all free to play for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members through Sunday, May 31st.

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From Xbox:
Free Play Days

Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can enjoy three sensational games this weekend in Jump Force, Hunt: Showdown, and Stellaris: Console Edition. All titles are available to play from Thursday, May 28 at 12:01 a.m. PDT until Sunday, May 31 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

You can find and install the games here on Xbox.com. Clicking through will send you to the Microsoft Store, where you must be signed in to see the option to install with your Xbox Live Gold membership. To download on console, click on the Gold member area on the home dashboard on your Xbox One.

Want to keep the fun going? Then purchase the games and other editions at a limited time discount and continue playing while keeping your Gamerscore and earned achievements during the event! Please note that discount percentage may vary by region.

Jump Force
 · Standard Edition ($59.99 SRP) at 67% off: $19.80
 · Deluxe Edition ($89.99 SRP) at 67% off: $29.70
 · Ultimate Edition ($99.99 SRP) at 67% off: $33.00

Hunt: Showdown
 · Standard Edition ($39.99 SRP) at 40% off: $23.99

Stellaris: Console Edition
 · Standard Edition ($39.99 SRP) at 60% off: $16.00
 · Deluxe Edition ($59.99 SRP) at 60% off: $24.00

Jump Force
Are you ready to go to battle with the most powerful Manga heroes? In Jump Force, create your own character and fight a dangerous threat in the real world with the help of famous allies such as Goku, Naruto, Luffy and many more! Expand your roster even further by downloading new DLC fighters, the latest one being Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia. Start training this weekend during Free Play Days to tackle all the challenges coming your way!

Hunt: Showdown
A survival based, first-person competitive bounty hunting game. Play solo, or in a duo or trio, to track down boss monsters on huge maps, then outgun other players to claim the bounty. With Xbox’s Free Play Days, experience Hunt’s unique style of gameplay and fight your way through the richly detailed Bayou – and keep an eye out for the limited-time discount in the Microsoft store.

Stellaris: Console Edition
The first grand strategy game on console, Stellaris: Console Edition puts you at the helm of a fledgling space empire as it embarks on a galactic adventure of discovery, diplomacy, and (if it comes to it) destruction. With the galaxy at your thumbsticks, the destiny of your empire is yours to define. Players who feel that faster than light is more their speed can also pick up the Deluxe Edition, featuring more game-changing content, for 60% off at the Microsoft Store.

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