X-Blades art contest announced

SouthPeak Games announced today that it is launching a second artwork contest through the official X-Blades website for its upcoming game.


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From SouthPeak:

The contest is a follow-up to a similar one held earlier this year, and this contestís winner receives a total of $3000 in prize money and their piece published!

The central theme of first contest was the heroine Ayumi, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from that experience convinced the X-Blades team to launch another competition for all of the gameís talented fans. All fan-submitted Ayumi illustrations received by August 31 will be judged by a jury of specialists. The first-place winner will receive $3,000 in prize money, the second-place winner will receive $2,000 and the third-place winner will receive $1,000. In addition to the prize money, 20 game packages, valued at $200 dollars each, are up for grabs!

The most creative illustrators also get their share of fame, because the Royal Edition of X-Blades will be equipped with a high-grade art book. The best entries will be included with the high-quality illustrations already in place, and the artists will also be rewarded $100 per piece!


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