World of Warships: Legends invaded by rubber duckies

The Duck of War April Fool's event in World of Warships: Legends began today and runs through April 13th.

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Duck of War battles will be chaotic thanks to the tremendous speed of the Ultra Cruiser and players will have to think on their feet to stay afloat. To help command these "ultra-cruisers," we're sending in the red-bearded Cap with his array of "useful" skills! The event will be supported by a leaderboard as well, with rare patches among other rewards available for captains that prove their mettle.

The Duck of War event is arriving in World of Warships: Legends just after the introduction of the Russian Navy Cruisers, with even more ships and events on the way. In the meantime, take aim and get ready for some quacky action in the tub!

And in case you missed it, on March 16, World of Warships: Legends also launched a free "Care Package" bundle and "Safe at Sea" combat mission available to all players. Both are going to be refreshed daily until the end of March so players can get some sweet and useful rewards like boosters, premium time, and doubloons by redeeming the package and winning a few games!

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