Bleeding Edge holding final beta

The final Bleeding Edge beta will run throughout the weekend.

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From Xbox:
Bleeding Edge beta

The “Bleeding Edge” closed beta will also be available through the Project xCloud preview on Android phones and tablets! If you’re interested in signing up to participate in the Project xCloud preview, please visit

Can I pre-install?
Yes! The beta app is now ready for pre-install for Xbox One, Windows 10, and Xbox Game Pass. All players will need to pre-install or update their beta app, even if you were playing in our February beta.

What’s new in the second beta?
We've made some changes and added new features to the second beta based on your feedback from the first beta. Your feedback goes a long way to helping us make “Bleeding Edge” awesome, so please continue to share your thoughts with us via the Discord or the forums!
• In-game music (experimental)
• Improved pacing of Power Collection game mode
• Variety of performance optimisations: lag, stability, frame rate
• Overhauled leaver penalty system
• Balancing tweaks & new mods for fighters

Check out the full patch notes here.

What do I get for pre-ordering?
If you pre-order “Bleeding Edge,” you’ll be granted access to this upcoming closed beta, and you’ll also get the bonus Punk Pack of in-game cosmetic items! The Punk Pack contains the following:
• Punk Rock Nidhöggr Skin
• Butterpunk Buttercup Skin
• Outrider ZeroCool Skin
• Rioter’s Hoverboard
• Make Your Mark in-game Sticker Pack
• Three bonus emotes

If you play Xbox Game Pass in the launch week (between March 24-31) you’ll also be entitled to the Punk Pack!

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