Swedish destroyers steam into World of Warships

Update 0.9.2 for World of Warships includes five destroyers and a new port, Fjords.

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From Wargaming.net:

World of Warships is making itself ready for the deployment of new, powerful Swedish destroyers. The launch of the new European Destroyers event today in update 0.9.2 includes five destroyers in early access with the Småland being the first Tier X available for Free XP. The new ships launch together with a new port - Fjords - which is inspired by the dramatic landscapes of Scandinavia.

The new Tier V-IX destroyers’ main feature will be their fast, long-range torpedoes, allowing them to strike the opponent from far away. The ships don’t have access to the Smoke Generator consumable, however, this is compensated by their rather low detectability, as well as the Repair Party consumable. As Swedish destroyers, the Visby (Tier V), Västerås (Tier VI), Skåne (Tier VII), Öland (Tier VIII), Östergötland (Tier IX), represent their nation for the first time in World of Warships, with the new destroyers forming part of the European line.

Players eager to try out the new Swedish destroyers can find them in special ship bundles, which can be acquired by spending European tokens, a temporary resource. The tokens can be found in containers. Special missions will become available after a player has received the ships in early access, granting additional rewards such as unique ship camouflages.

“The most remarkable feature of the new Swedish destroyers is their lightning-fast long-range torpedoes,” said Philip Molodkovets, Executive Producer for World of Warships. “Players who appreciate swift, action-packed gameplay will also find a good use for their rapid-firing guns and Repair Party consumable. And while they're carrying out torpedo runs or engaging in close-range fighting with other destroyers, a good AA defense –with the Defensive AA Fire consumable on high tiers– will help them fend off enemy planes. The rather unusual absence of a Smoke Generator is compensated by alternative self-defense tools and pretty good concealment.”

In update 0.9.2, the thickness of cruiser and battleship armor plating has also been updated, as well as the Inertia fuse for HE Shells skill. Due to changes to the penetration mechanics, cruisers can penetrate the armor of cruisers in the same tier without using the Inertia Fuse for HE Shells skill. The changes will make inter-class interaction between cruisers more logical, while the updated armor plating will make cruisers, if they are positioned wisely, more resistant to battleship salvos.

The update will also include two Clan Brawls, and continue to improve the visuals in four maps and three ports which are being reworked to accommodate the new lightning model while taking full advantage of the latest in enhanced HDR technology.

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