Paper Beast will be unleashed in March

Pixel Reef
The VR puzzle-adventure game Paper Beast will be available for PSVR on March 24th.

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From Pixel Reef:
Paper Beast

The new game from Chahi, the creative mind behind Another World, Heart of Darkness and From Dust, is a dreamlike odyssey through a wild, simulated ecosystem. In this strange, uncharted world, form delicate bonds with fascinating and exotic creatures, solve environmental puzzles, and unfold the mysteries of a land born from long-lost Internet data.

Created from the ground up for virtual reality, Paper Beast invites intrepid explorers to understand this dreamlike world through the real-time consequences they create. In adventure mode, collaborate with fascinating wildlife and shape the environment to overcome obstacles or resolve puzzles, with everything from weather and terrain deformation to the way animals respond fully simulated.

The almost-infinite play space of the sandbox mode approximates a god game experience, where experimentation and ecosystem play a major role. The player can sculpt the terrain, play with the weather, and interact with creatures and plants. All consequences are calculated in real-time by the deep physics engine that powers Paper Beast.

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