Call of Duty: Mobile launches a Winter Raid

Call of Duty: Mobile is hosing a holiday version of Prop Hunt on the winter re-skinned map, Winter Raid.

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From Activision:
Winter Raid

Prop Hunt will have players literally chasing down presents in a wicked game of hide and seek, available starting on December 20 until December 31 on Winter Raid. Standard Prop Hunt will make its way to Standoff and Crash on December 31.

A new Battle Royale class: Trickster is available for players to earn this week until December 29. Trickster is a class that enlist the work of mind games to confuse your opponent. You’ll be able to project two holograms of yourself to disorient the enemy on your actual location. Complete a series of tasks and challenges in Battle Royale to earn the Trickster class, then give it a try in a match.

Available in the Holiday Draw this week is the AK117 assault rifle. When firing on an enemy with this weapon, they will turn to ice and shatter upon their demise. Also in the draw is the festive Snowman Grenade and the decorative Garden Gnomad.

You can also get even more goods this week through crates: the Razorback Dark Matter crate, the DLQ33 Holidays Crate, and even a vehicle crate.

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