Sea of Thieves has your Year in Review

Sea of Thieves has launched its Year in Review feature, letting players see their stats for the year.

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From Rare:
Sea of Thieves

To see how they fared on the seas since the “Sea of Thieves” Anniversary Update, players can head over to the Sea of Thieves website and log in with their Xbox Live account to reveal their numbers. After reviewing their journey and looking through their stats, players will receive a social share card with their headline numbers on it, providing an easy way to share their all-important stats with friends and the community using the #SoT2019 hashtag. Alongside personal stats, Rare has also shared some insight into how well players have tackled the various Voyages and challenges that 2019 has presented - including that pirates have leveled-up over 127 million times this year, encountering over 25 million Megalodons on the way.

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