Mounts charge into Conan Exiles

An update to Conan Exiles released today gives players the ability to capture horses, train them, and then ride them into battle.

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From Funcom:

The free update grants everyone the opportunity to acquire horses, cutting travelling time significantly, as well as adding a powerful new aspect to combat. Players will now be able to joust, swing their swords or even fire arrows from horseback, potentially mowing down unsuspecting victims with lightning speed.

A new follower leveling system is also in place, meaning Exiles can gain experience points for their thralls, pets and horses. Followers will also be able to gain random perks, some of which are rare and powerful.

”Since the beginning, mounts and mounted combat have been a part of the dream that shaped Conan Exiles. It is gratifying and exciting to finally deliver on that dream and give players the mounts and combat experience that they have been waiting for,” says Creative Director Joel Bylos.

The free update is released at the same time as the new DLC Riders of Hyboria, which introduces a bunch of new decorative options, weapons and building pieces.

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