Overwatch launches Mercy's Recall Challenge

Blizzard Entertaiment
Mercy’s Recall Challenge runs through December 2nd.

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From Blizzard Entertaiment:

Support has arrived! Learn more about the head of medical research and brilliant healer in the new Overwatch short story, “Valkyrie,” where Mercy must confront her past and wrestle with whether she should join the fight again.: Blizz.ly/Valkyrie

From November 12-December 2, players will be able to get back out there and obtain eight sprays, a player icon, and the legendary Dr. Ziegler skin for a total of 10 new rewards.

Your wins in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade will earn you a new player icon, new sprays, and a new legendary skin: Dr. Ziegler!
 · Win 3 Games 1 Player Icon
 · Win 6 Games 2 New Sprays
 · Win 9 Games New legendary skin: Dr. Ziegler skin

Want more? You can watch Twitch streamers before, during or after matches to unlock even more Mercy cosmetics – we’re bringing you more Twitch Drops every time you tune in to participating broadcasters through December 2 to earn six Mercy’s Recall Challenge sprays!
 · Watch 2 Hours 1 New Spray
 · Watch 4 Hours 2 New Sprays
 · Watch 6 Hours 3 New Sprays

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