WWE Superstars crossing over into Brawlhalla

Roman Reigns, The Undertaker, and Asuka along with WWE Hall of Famer "Macho Man" Randy Savage will enter the ring of Brawlhalla today.

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From Ubisoft:

The free game mode, Brawldown, is also returning as the Brawl of the Week, which includes a ring, breakable tables and fun rope physics.

The following WWE Superstar Epic Crossovers will be available for 300 Mammoth coins each:

• “Macho Man” Randy Savage is an Epic Crossover for Ulgrim.
o OH YEAH! Macho Man uses chairs, flexing and his big smile to defeat opponents.

• The Undertaker is an Epic Crossover for Thor.
o The Deadman uses his urn to teleport around the stage and smite his foes.

• Asuka is an Epic Crossover for Queen Nai.
o The Empress of Tomorrow uses her fans and mask in her battles in Valhalla.

• Roman Reigns is an Epic Crossover for Teros.
o The Big Dog uses even bigger punches to take out his enemies.

WWE Superstar Epic Crossovers will still be available for purchase after the event concludes.

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