Stela joins Apple Arcade

SkyBox Labs
Stela, a platformer about a young woman in the last days of a mysterious ancient world, is now available on Apple Arcade.

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From SkyBox Labs:

Guide the sole survivor of the dying planet across ruined landscapes populated by ravenous creatures. Explore the remnants of civilization and solve puzzles which focus on scale in colossal environments.

Sneak past strange entities to complete puzzles before deftly escaping their clutches for good. Navigate once-thriving regions, uncovering their secrets while seeking new paths toward potential salvation in a monastery atop a snow-capped mountain.

From an abandoned farm to misty forests, fiery wastes, and mysterious monuments, Stela’s landscapes evoke a constant struggle against a once beautiful but now dangerous world.

Each area is handcrafted with muted aesthetics and employs massive scale to reinforce the foreboding atmosphere of the world and create a cinematic experience. The narrative unravels through interaction with the environments, all set to an ambient soundtrack from Wandersong and Rogue Legacy audio veterans A Shell in the Pit.

“Our focus on creating an in-depth narrative with no dialogue and minimalist controls has created an accessible experience that still carries great emotional weight sure to delight our fellow fans of cinematic platformers,” said Shyang Kong, co-founder, SkyBox Labs. “Apple Arcade is the perfect platform for Stela, putting our tale of a young woman’s journey in the hands of fellow travelers.”

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