KurtzPel releases game update

KOG Games
Today's KurtzPel update introduces guilds, a new crafting system, and a new PVE mission.

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From KOG Games:

The KurtzPel team covers all the changes in the new monthly series, KurtzPel Intelligence Briefing (K.I.B.). The K.I.B. is a monthly, in-depth briefing that brings the latest news to players. Watch the first episode:

Today's update includes an all new crafting system, the Synthesis System. Players can utilize Hildad's Cube, a powerful relic, to synthesize new items and extract materials from existing items to use in crafting. Crafting resources can be acquired through PVE missions and PVP. Hildad's Cube will also allow players to craft invisible accessories; create the perfect look without sacrificing stats.

The first phase of the Guild System has been implemented; guilds have been requested by players since day one and are now ready to be created. Create a guild with up to 50 members and begin accruing Guild Ability Points today.

A new 6-player PVE mission, "Blazing Blades of Calamity", is now available.

One day, a Knight of Calamity appeared who wielded the power of Calamity at his will. The Chase dispatched their members to investigate and report. We lost a lot of Chasers that day. Due to losing so many of soldiers, we decided to only allow Chasers, D-Ranked or higher to pursue the threat... in order to minimize casualties.

Players must work together as a team to pass four phases to successfully defeat the Blazing Blade of Calamity.

Read the complete patch notes for today's update here

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