Brawlhalla heading back to school

Brawlhalla's 2019 Back to School Event is now live and will run through September 18th.

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From Ubisoft:

The 2019 Back to School Event brings the following items to the game:

• Home Team Colors for all Legends, available for 2,500 Gold or 20 Mammoth Coins each

• Oodles of Doodles animated avatar, available for 60 Mammoth Coins

• Brawlhalla 101 avatar, available for 6,000 Gold

• Legend skins, available for 140 Mammoth Coins each (each Legend skin comes with two weapon skins):
o New for 2019: Ace Spiker Lin Fei skin
o New for 2019: Headmaster Fait skin
o First Day Asuri skin
o Greased Lightning Koji skin
o Kindergarten Kaya skin
o Gridiron Xull skin
o Detention Ada skin

Once purchased, these items will stay in players’ inventories.

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