Fortnite lands on Pandora

2K Games
The FortniteXMayhem event has launched in Fortnite.

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From 2K Games:

The unprecedented FortniteXMayhem event creates the kind of chaos that gives Psycho Bandits their name. Get ready to drop into the Pandora Rift Zone, rock a full set of Psycho cosmetic gear, and unleash your anarchic artistry with the Pandora Prefab.

If you're going to wreak havoc like a crazed Children of the Vault cultist, you ought to look the part. Embrace the mayhem by acquiring the cosmetic items of the Psycho Bundle, which includes a Psycho Bandit Outfit, Claptrap Pet, and the Psycho Buzz Axes. The Psycho Bandit Outfit features the iconic mask, hand wraps, makeshift outfit, and washboard abs that will instantly strike fear into your enemies' hearts. Carrying around the Claptrap Pet might be just as dangerous as painting a target on your back, but it's your duty as Claptrap's loyal minion to ferry him across the battlefield and up any stairs you encounter. And the pointiest ends of the Psycho Buzz Axes are equally effective when smashing skulls or breaking objects for materials.

Best of all, you'll get all the items in the Psycho Bundle for free when you pick up any edition of Borderlands 3 on the Epic Games Store using the same Epic Games account you use to experience FortniteXMayhem. You can put in your Borderlands 3 PC pre-purchase now to unlock the Psycho Bundle immediately, and anyone who has already pre-purchased will automatically get the Psycho Bundle. The offer of a free Psycho Bundle with Borderlands 3 purchases on the Epic Games Store is good through December 2020, but when you've got this kind of mayhem at your fingertips, why wait?

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