NASCAR 09 goes gold

EA Sports
EA Sports today announced that NASCAR 09 has gone gold.

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From EA Sports:

New to the game or are you a seasoned pro? NASCAR 09, available on June 10 for the Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3 and PS2, features highly adaptable gameplay that fits players of all levels and gives gamers access to the energy and excitement of NASCAR more than ever.

Right out of the box, four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Jeff Gordon will guide gamers through the gameís major features and advise them throughout their career. The game will also feature two distinct driving models, normal and pro, which allow the casual gamer or the NASCAR experts to jump in and have the ultimate NASCAR racing experience. Available for download (instructions below) are two videos, the first showcases the gameís ability to have a rewarding gaming experience regardless of skill level. The second video highlights Jeff Gordonís role in the game and how his personality is reflected in the gameplay.

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