German navy sails into World of Warships: Legends

An update for World of Warships: Legends released today adds new content to the game including the addition of German warships.

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Germany Joins the Fray

Germany’s legendary ships and naval Commanders join the American, Japanese, British, Polish, and Russian fleets in World of Warships: Legends as part of today’s content release. Players can take the helm of some of Germany’s most famous Cruisers, including the Nürnberg and the Hipper, both of which rely on a balance of great gunnery and high hull strength.

Fans will have a chance to gain early access to some of the most devastating German Destroyers, including the famed Leberecht Maass! The Battleship Scharnhorst, which is sure to strike fear in all those who face her mighty guns, will be available as a premium purchase. The German fleet will continue to expand in the coming months, with early access to Destroyers in July, becoming fully accessible to players in August.

Seven new German Commanders including Franz von Hipper, Reinhard Scheer, and legendary Graf Maximilian von Spee will play a crucial role in World of Warships: Legends, as not only do they represent a pivotal moment in naval history but enhance ships in the following ways:

 · Improve the ship’s attack and defense capabilities
 · Boost shell and torpedo performance
 · Enhance maneuvering and survivability
 · Make consumables more effective

Commanders feature unique characteristics within each class of ship, and their backup skills allow you to amplify the strengths of any ship they command. They can also be assigned to any ship of the same nation, giving players great flexibility. Players can switch a Commander’s skills as many times as they like without penalty - this way, they are free to challenge themselves to secure the optimal ship and Commander trait alignment, hopefully achieving the ultimate combat outcome.

New “Search & Destroy!” Campaign

The German Fleet isn’t the only new addition in this July update - the new Search & Destroy! Campaign will replace the Atlanta Campaign and offer players new challenges and rewards, including:

 ·New and additional consumables
 · Introduction of Deutschmarks, a special currency used for purchases in the store’s Admiralty section
 · Additional Commander items and new national Commander crates
 · Showcase the iconic German port of Hamburg as new harbor

Celebrate the 4th of July with the Liberty Pack

If a new fleet, new harbor, and new Commanders weren’t exciting enough, prepare to set sail for victory on the 4th of July with the all-new Liberty Pack! Commanders can claim their freedom with this epic bundle containing tons of supplies to help increase in-game success. The Liberty Pack includes boosters, camouflage, and Premium Account time!

Service Record, Commendations, and Greater Map Spawn Control

Having been built with console gamers at the core, World of Warships: Legends continuously aims to create engaging, fresh content for and often requested by its rapidly growing player base, including the following changes and additions being rolled out today:

 · A much-requested Service Record feature will now allow players to check their detailed game stats and adjust their playstyle – or just brag about their in-game successes, with stats to back up their braggadocio
 · Commendations will debut in World of Warships: Legends, improving Commanders’ arsenals with new skills, upgrading existing ones, and advancing your crew to legendary ranks
 · This update also introduces modified map spawn configurations, designed to offer players more tactical choices when battles begin, as well as various visual improvements

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