Battlefield V reveals new Mercury map

The Mercury map will be launching in Battlefield V on May 30th.

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From EA:
Battlefield V players can move the fight to the Mediterranean this week with an all-new map launching on Wednesday, May 30, called Mercury. Coming as part of Battlefield V's live-service, Tides of War, Mercury is based on the events of Operation Mercury in 1941, where players will take the role of British troops deploying on the beautiful coast of Crete, fending off the invading German forces.

Catering to many different play styles and skill levels, Mercury is built to be a proper all-out war experience, where players will be pushing forward with tanks, holding out for air support, or desperately defending a flag position. Gameplay specifically focuses on verticality and classic rock, paper, scissors gameplay as the British have tanks, but the Germans control the skies. In order to dominate the enemy on Mercury, DICE recommends that players stay alert, assist vehicles, build forts, and flank like their lives depend on it.

Furthermore, in the Mercury map, veterans of the franchise will see shades of three classic maps from older titles: Guadalcanal from Battlefield 1942, the Altai Range map from Battlefield 4, and Battlefield 1's Monte Grappa.

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