Shadow of the Colossus inspires metal tribute

Materia Collective
Battle With the Colossus is an 11-track symphonic metal tribute to Shadow of the Colossus.

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From Materia Collective:

Battle With the Colossus dives deep into the riveting battle themes from the game and closes with the softer ambient track, "The Farthest Land," capping off a nostalgic trip back to The Forbidden Lands through the game's iconic music. Battle With the Colossus is licensed and available today.

"Battle with the Colossus embodies the duality of conflict versus beauty," notes arranger Ferdk. "Guitar riffs challenge the beasts. Orchestral melodies capture their majesty. I vividly remember encountering the very first colossus, way back in 2005. I was in awe, I hadn't seen something like this in gaming before. I found myself climbing this huge beast as the score charged into a triumphant orchestral epic, a one-of-a-kind experience. The soundtrack to this game is almost like a character of its own. It defines the experience just as much as the art direction and gameplay. It's truly a masterpiece of a game and one of my all-time favorites, so I'm pleased to be able to release my tribute to the game and its soundtrack."

The full track list for Battle With the Colossus is as follows:

01. Revived Power
02. The Opened Way
03. In Awe of the Power
04. A Messenger from Behind
05. A Violent Encounter
06. Liberated Guardians
07. Gatekeeper of the Castle Ruins
08. A Despair-filled Farewell
09. Counterattack
10. Final Battle
11. The Farthest Land

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