Play Gears of War 4 and The Crew 2 for free

Gears of War 4 and The Crew 2 will be free to play this weekend for Xbox Live Gold members.

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From Xbox:
Free Play Days

The games are also available for purchase so you can continue playing while keeping your Gamerscore and achievements earned in-game during the event.

 · Gears of War 4 ($39.99 SRP)

 · The Crew 2 Standard Edition ($59.99 SRP) at 70% off: $18.00
 · Other editions and content on sale:
 · Deluxe Edition ($69.99 SRP) at 70% off: $21.00
 · Gold Edition ($99.99 SRP) at 70% off: $30.00
 · Season Pass ($39.99 SRP) at 50% off: $20.00

Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 is back for an Xbox Live Gold Free Play Weekend. Return to Sera and play as the next generation of Gears of War heroes. If you're new to Gears, go experience the Campaign, compete in Versus or survive the Horde with friends this weekend only. If you're a returning fan, check out the Gilded RAAM Challenge and earn a character skin you can take over to Gears 5!

The Crew 2 Standard Edition

Play The Crew 2 for free this weekend! From now until April 28, enjoy the full game for free! Join friends in high-octane contests, put your skills to the test and customize your ride to become the greatest motorsport champion. Learn more about The Crew 2 free weekend here.

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