Hellboy joining Brawlhalla

Characters from the Hellboy movie will be joining Brawlhalla on April 10th.

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From Ubisoft:

A special Hellboy event in Brawlhalla from April 10 to 24 celebrates the upcoming release of Hellboy (2019), in theaters April 12, with the addition of the four new character skins, a new game mode named Horde, a Hellboy-themed map, UI takeover, and more.

Four new Hellboy (2019) skins

 · Hellboy - as a Cross Epic Crossover Skin - "Beast of the Apocalypse or lawful King of England? His destiny awaits."

 · Nimue - as a Dusk Epic Crossover Skin - "This queen will create a new world."

 · Gruagach - as a Teros Crossover Skin - "Seeking revenge on Hellboy, he'll stop at nothing to regain his full powers."

 · Daimio - as a Mordex Epic Crossover Skin - "A curse or a powerful blessing?"

Hellboy, Nimue, and Ben Daimio skins will be priced at 300 Mammoth coins each, while Gruagach is available for 240 Mammoth coins. The Hellboy (2019) skins will continue to be offered in store after the event.

Horde: the new Hellboy-themed game mode

Players will team up in a group of four to defend the gates of the Great Hall against an army of demons, holding off as many waves as possible. Horde mode will be available as a custom game mode option after the two-week Hellboy event ends.

More epic Hellboy additions

 · A Hellboy-themed map, Apocalypse

 · Daily login bonus of 250 Gold

 · Two-week Hellboy UI Takeover

 · Hellboy avatar available for 60 Mammoth coins

 · Hellboy "Beast of Apocalypse" podium available for 240 Mammoth coins

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