Battlefield V undergoes a Trial By Fire

Chapter 3: Trial by Fire is now live in Battlefield V.

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From DICE:
Trial By Fire

Chapter 3: Trial by Fire has already brought fans the launch of Battlefield V's highly-anticipated battle royale mode, Firestorm, but that is only the beginning of new content and updates coming this chapter. In Chapter 3, the DICE team is introducing major changes to the way players earn rewards through progression in each chapter. Starting in Chapter 3: Trial by Fire, weekly challenges will become available that will unlock new weapons, skins, and other items by completing tasks on the battlefield. Chapter 3 will also introduce Chapter Rank, which will unlock rewards as players earn experience and rank up during the chapter.

Beyond the introduction of Chapter Rank and Weekly Challenges, major new content is coming to the game throughout Chapter 3: Trial by Fire. Starting in May, the Tides of War journey introduces players to the Battle of Greece with its first map, Mercury, set on the coast of Crete. Another new game mode will also be coming during Chapter 3, called Outpost. This all-new multiplayer mode will see players build and secure objectives to ensure their team assembles enough soldiers and resources to endure through the fight. Lastly, Chapter 3 will also see the return of Squad Conquest, the mode introduced during Chapter 2 that pits players against each other in a miniature 8v8 Conquest-style battle.

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