Black Desert Online opens Mediah for exploration

Pearl Abyss
The Mediah update was released today for Black Desert Online on Xbox One.

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From Pearl Abyss:

Mediah, a harsh, red landscape serving as a gateway to the Valencian Desert, includes a console-exclusive storyline and brings a host of new features and gear to attain.

The following features are now accessible with the Mediah update:

With a removed level cap and the introduction of the Red Battlefield, players are invited to engage in PvP battles to power up their characters. Be on the lookout for powerful Pure Black Stones as well.

Kaia Gear and Dim Magical Armor are available for those that are leveled high enough to don these highly sought-after items!

Visit Altinova, the heart of Mediah, to follow the main Mediah storyline brimming with murder and mystery, or take the scenic route filled with various side quests to fully immerse yourself in the world.

For more information on the Mediah content update for Black Desert, read the Community Update blog post here.

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