Battlefield V rolling out Combined Arms co-op mode

The Combined Arms mode for Battlefield V goes live tomorrow, February 12th.

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From EA:
Combined Arms

As a major part of the Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes update, this permanent new mode allows players to either play solo or team with up to three friends to tackle eight PVE missions set behind enemy lines, with four different objectives across four maps.

Combined Arms is a great way for newer players to practice against AI enemies and grow their Company before jumping into the chaotic all-out war in multiplayer. Players can adjust difficulty settings from easy to hard, choose the desired load out from their existing Company and deploy.

But regardless of experience level, the mode provides another fun way for all to level up and earn Company Coin with friends.

While the mode provides eight missions to keep players busy, additional missions can be expected in the future as part of Battlefield V's Tides of War.

Several other gameplay and quality of life improvements have been made without affecting any core elements, like picking up the pace when dragging players to safety. A blog post from this morning outlines some of those tweaks. Fans can also look forward to Rush, the fan-favorite multiplayer mode appearing in the game for a limited time starting March 7.

This update also includes further optimizations to DXR ray tracing performance and introduces NVIDIA DLSS to Battlefield V, which uses deep learning to improve game performance while maintaining visual quality.

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