Anthem VIP demo released

The Anthem VIP demo is now available to EA Access and Origin Access subscribers and those who've pre-ordered the game through January 27th.

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From EA:

After months of anticipation, the time has finally come for players to don their javelin and begin exploring the dangerous, mysterious and ever-changing world outside the walls of Ft. Tarsis. For those who come away from the demo excited to see more, Anthem launches on Friday, February 22 on all platforms, and Origin Access Premier subscribers will be able to play the full game early, starting on Fri, February 15. VIP demo players will also get access to three demo codes to share with friends. Full details can be found here.

Demo players will start out at level 10, with level-appropriate gear and weapons for their Ranger javelin. Freelancers will have the opportunity to explore Ft. Tarsis, begin meeting some of the game's most important characters, delve the story and pick up missions to complete out in the field. Players will have the chance to battle their way through select story missions either solo or with others, as well as explore the environment in search of materials, lore and secrets in Freeplay. Those looking for an additional challenge in the demo can link up with three other Freelancers and unleash their combined power on a dangerous stronghold, one piece of the full game's most intense, yet rewarding, content.

Those who miss out on this weekend's fun will still get their chance to see the world of Anthem firsthand, as the Open Demo will launch on Fri, February 1 on Origin for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Even those who participated in the VIP Demo should come back, as there may be something dangerous brewing on the horizon...

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