Starlight Celebration begins in Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix
The Starlight Celebration runs through December 31st, and a Shadowbringers livestream preview will be held on December 21st.

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From Square Enix:
Starlight Celebration

This holiday season, Final Fantasy XIV Online players are invited to give the world of Hydaelyn the gift of music with the return of the Starlight Celebration. Beginning today, the annual event will be available for players through Monday, December 31, with this year's installment encouraging characters to raise their voices in song, as an Ishgardian choral performance is running into a few troubles when it comes to finding singers.

Rewards for participating in the event include:

 · Choir Costume - A hat, robe and shoes will all be awarded for completing the quest.
 · Silver Starlight Sentinel - Decorate your home with this noble conifer.
 · Starlight Donuts - Gain these festive tabletop treats, because nothing says celebration like a food coma.
 · Evercold Starlight Snowman - Decorate your home with this frozen friend that won't melt away.
 · Opened Twinkleboxes - Collect the remains of many happy Starlight Celebration surprises.
 · Starlight, Starbright Orchestrion Roll - To help Warriors of Light feel festive all year round!

Excitement for Final Fantasy XIV Online doesn't end with the Starlight Celebration, as brand new details about the upcoming Patch 4.5: Requiem for Heroes will be revealed in the next installment of Letter from the Producer LIVE. Set to take place on Friday, December 21, viewers will get lots of new information as well as their first look at the trailer for the upcoming content.

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Announced last month, the new expansion Shadowbringers will bring an abundance of new content when it releases in Summer 2019, including a new player race, multiple new jobs, an increased level cap up, sprawling new areas, adjustments to the battle system, as well as a variety of new battle, crafter and gatherer content.

Fans can look forward to learning more information on Shadowbringers during the Paris Fan Festival event on February 2-3, 2019, as well as the Tokyo Fan Festival, scheduled for March 23-24, 2019. All Fan Festival events will be streamed free of charge on the official Final Fantasy XIV Twitch channel:

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